Patient Testimonials

“I have been a patient of Dr. Ranch ever since I was child. As an adult, I still continue to go to his office because of how friendly and professional the atmosphere is. It almost makes having cavities not seem so bad 🙂 not to mention, being greeted by two beautiful women (Ana and Marie-Ana) who always engage in great conversation makes the time there even more pleasant. I thank you ALL for your excellent work over the years!”
-DJ B.

“Well, where do I start….first of all, I moved to Roswell 4 years ago from California and did not know any dentists here, so I just found Dr. Ranch online and took a chance on him. Well, Thank God I did because not only is he an artisan when it comes to any type of cosmetic dentistry, but the sterile environment which is important and skill he brings to his patients is amazing…have had a lot of major gum issues and teeth problems and never once did I experience pain. He takes good care of his patients and keeps you smiling. I completely recommend this man to anyone needing quality care and expertise at an affordable cost and he accepts most major insurance.”
-James M.

“Always professional, yet not stuffy or cold. I always look forward to seeing Kim. She’s thorough and yet quick so I’m not there forever! Dr. Ranch is also very kind and friendly. It’s worth the 30 minute drive!”
-Renee S.

“I’ve had extensive dental work performed by Dr. Ranch, and I strongly recommend him. He’s outstanding with the numbing needle – very slow and gentle, with very little pain. I had 2 extractions a few days ago, and I’ve taken very little pain medication. A few years ago, I lived much closer to Dr. Ranch, so getting to his office was easy. I now live an hour away, but I’d drive to another state to get a tooth pulled by this man. He and his staff are all very nice, and I can’t remember ever waiting for my appointment.”
-Doug T.

“I have been going to Family Dental now for at least 6 years!

Dr. Ranch IS the best dentist ever!

He is very highly skilled, thorough, gentle, very knowledgeable, caring, gentle, warm, great smile, did I mention he is gentle? His touch is deft! Very steady hands…important gift for a dentist!

I had various issues and Dr. Ranch helped me explore every option available. It was like being with a football coach, because he drew up game plans and alternatives. He is not overbearing…he allows you to decide what is best for you while providing realistic sound advice.

The Dental Assistants are the best! Ms. Anna the office manager is literally a female Jack Bauer! What can’t she do?

I used to live just 8 minutes away. A few years ago, I moved over an hour away across town, but I still make the trip to see Dr. Ranch. He is that good! Definitely worth the trip!”
-Adebimpe Odunjo

“Although Dr. Ranch takes care of different members of our family, I’m especially grateful for the care he provided and continues to provide for my mother. (Incidentally, the fact that several my family members willingly choose to see Dr. Ranch in spite of insurance plans, or lack thereof, and is willing to drive from different geographic locations from Norcross to Acworth to see him speaks volumes.)

With respect to my mom, Dr. Ranch screened and detected oral cancer developing in my mom as part of the annual check up when many dentists don’t take the time to do oral cancer screenings or only offer it when they try to sell you an upcharge to use “screening aids” that really are not effective at what they are supposed to do. His intervention allowed us to seek treatment for my mom early. Thankfully, my mom is a now 3+ year survivor and continues to see Dr. Ranch for care and management for maintaining good oral health post-treatment.

Throughout the ENTIRE process, NEVER ONCE did he rush us during our visits for consults or dismiss any of our questions. In addition to wonderful “chairside-manner”, Dr. Ranch is very skilled and very thorough . However, the whole team at the practice with the hygienists, assistants, and office staff works seamlessly together to provide great care, and it’s because of this, each office visit has been and continues to be a great experience. They deserve every single star.”
-Matthew K.

“Dr Ranch has been my family dentist since 2000 and we have always been treated great. His services are the top and we would recommend to anyone.”
-John C.