Advanced Care with Advanced Technology

The latest dental technology and treatment methods offer more significant advantages than you may realize. Advanced technology typically results in greater convenience, comfort, and long-term results for our patients. A few of the cutting edge technologies Dr. Hetesh Ranchod offers you, our patient, include:

“Dr. Ranch is always punctual, friendly, and helpful. The kids really trust him, and so do I. Thanks! “

State-of-the-Art Care with Expert Precision

Digital x-rays transmit images of your teeth directly to our software program. This allows for:

  • Reduced time in the chair
  • Enhanced imaging for improved diagnostics
  • Up to 90 percent less exposure to radiation

For anyone who dreads the multiple visits associated with getting a new crown, CEREC saves time and also eliminates the need for temporary crowns. Performed with 3D modeling software and a milling machine, CEREC crowns can be designed, created in-office, and placed by Dr. Ranchod in a single visit, delivering ultimate convenience.

Air abrasion utilizes an instrument that generates a stream of both air and particles with abrasive properties to remove hard tissue and decay. With this technology, Dr. Ranchod can more efficiently prepare your teeth for fillings without the need for dental drills, leaving more of your remaining tooth structure intact.

If you have deep discoloration of the teeth that cannot be lightened with tooth whitening methods, you may have considered bonding or veneers to cover the stains. With microabrasion, however, Dr. Ranchod can utilize a special abrasive compound to gently buff away the stains.

The Beamer STL Diode Laser can be utilized to safely and effectively treat gum disease, to recontour your gum line, or to increase accessibility to wisdom teeth or teeth that must be restored beneath the gum line. Laser dentistry greatly reduces recovery times and discomfort after surgery.

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