Advanced Services and Procedures

An important part of excellent care is the relationship you build with your dentist. When you have tooth pain or suffer symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), you want to receive treatment from a dental professional who knows you and your dental history.

We treat or manage a range of medically related dental and oral health issues like TMJ pain and sleep apnea. You can connect with our dentists if you have any form of uneasiness or pain in the mouth or jaw. We offer effective and targeted dental treatments. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, then our dental experts have the experience and a solution to provide relief from this sleep disorder.

We also have served many patients looking for long lasting headache solutions to severe headaches. No need to remain inhibited due to the damaging impact of headache on your personal or work life. Call us at Family Dental Solutions to get complete relief from such issues. Our oral health care expertise also spans problems from orofacial pain. We check for the symptoms to find out the underlying cause of these issue. Then, we administer an appropriate treatment that ensures significant relief and better outcomes.

From preventative to restorative dentistry, Dr. Hetesh Ranchod has the expertise you need to keep your smile beautiful and healthy, encompassing areas which include:

“Love Dr. Ranchod and his staff. Feels like an extended family!”
– RoseMary Williams

The Importance of Maintaining Proper Oral Health

Preventative dentistry helps to maintain your healthy smile for years to come. As with all of our patients, we strive to help you avoid infection or decay by performing dental cleanings, routine exams, and an annual oral pathology exam. An oral pathology exam is a visual and tactile screening for lesions or tumors, allowing for early detection of cancerous tissue.

Bringing your children to your own dentist is convenient, but also gives you peace of mind. You know the standard of care and personalized attention your child will receive because you have experienced it yourself. Building positive dental experiences now can help your children maintain a beautiful smile throughout their lives.

Tooth pain can be debilitating, and sometimes only a root canal or extraction is the answer. Dr. Ranchod offers these options to you, if needed.

A misaligned bite can have far-reaching consequences. Sometimes a new filling or crown can make your bite feel a bit off. The point of contact can be filed down in an occlusal adjustment. Other bite issues can occur from teeth grinding, which can be addressed by Dr. Ranchod, as can TMD, a painful condition that can manifest in numerous vague symptoms ranging from jaw pain to ringing in the ears.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that deprives you of oxygen while you sleep. Dr. Ranchod can help you to sleep better and subsequently feel more alert when you are awake.

Many people with crooked teeth find them to be a detriment to their overall appearance. In addition to the cosmetic disadvantages, they can also cause jaw problems and also lead to gum disease. For this reason, correction, either with orthodontics or Invisalign, is both a preventative measure against jaw issues and gum disease in addition to the self-confidence boost it will give. Orthodontics uses a more traditional approach with wires and brackets that are slowly tightened to correct teeth alignment, whereas Invisalign uses multiple clear trays that slowly shift the teeth into the correct position.

Many people are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, and as such there are dental procedures like dentures, partials, bridges and implants that “fill the gap.” A denture will replace a full arch of teeth, and is removable – Dentures are the traditional and more cost-effective method of replacing full arches of teeth. When you have less than a full arch of teeth missing, but still multiple, you should look towards partials, or partial dentures. Partials can replace multiple teeth while still allowing you to keep your healthy teeth. Bridges consist of two crowns on the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth gap, and fill the void and fix your smile. A dental implant is the most realistic and longest-lasting solution of these, and consists of an implant that goes into your jaw, an abutment to secure it, and a dental crown to cap it off.